What mistakes do people make with their skin care routine?

Our skin gets exposed to heat, dust & pollutants almost every day, and the increase in pollution is not doing us any good. Hence, skincare is not optional and is unavoidable. We try to follow a skincare regime to maintain healthy and hydrated skin.

Sometimes even after sticking to that skincare habit, we don’t get the desired result, which means we are doing it the wrong way.

Some common mistakes people make with their skincare routine are:

1. Going out during the daytime in sunlight without Sunscreen is a total no-no. A sunscreen with 30 SPF or more is mandatory for our skincare.

2. Using a scrub daily for exfoliation can cause more harm than benefit.

3. Another mistake that people commit with their skincare routine is using water or moisturiser for removing makeup instead of makeup remover.

4. Your skin needs to breathe too; overuse of makeup can choke your skin to death.

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