Here are a few reviews and pictures of our customers who have used our skincare products. Check out the videos and pictures below.  

Melissa Kay Unboxes our Products and Reviews all of our Products

In this video, Melissa Kay from the What Should Matter Team does an unboxing introducing our products.  A few of her friends told her about our products, so she decided to place an order. The products that she purchased is the Tea Tree Facial Mask, Tea Tree & Vitamin C Moisturizer Our Facial Toner, and Tea Tree Acne Facial Cleanser


Melissa Kay Uses Elaine's Natural Beauty's Tea Tree Acne Facial Cleanser

The BEST Cleanser of 2023!

Elaine's Natural Beauty Tea Tree Acne Facial Cleanser Review. Melissa Kay  gives a full detailed review of it based on her skin type and the condition of her skin and how it reacted to this new facial cleanser.  You can buy the Tea Tree Acne Facial Cleanser here.


How to Use Toner on Face | Skincare Basics 101

Melissa Kay tried our Tea Tree Toner from our skincare line. In this video, she gave a full detailed review of using the toner and the facial cleanser together. She also showed her before and after pictures to compare the difference in smoothness and glow. Must watch!

In this video, Melissa Kay gives a testimonial of using our Tea Tree Toner and how it made her swollen pimple go away overnight.  You can check out our Tea Tree Toner here.



 Elaine's Natural Beauty Reviews 1


Our Products are Enhancing Skincare! (Before & After)